Choreography: Michele Merola
Music: Antonio Vivaldi
Light design: Cristina Spelti
Costumes: Carlotta Montanari
Choreography assistant: Paolo Lauri

Dancers: MM Contemporary Dance Company (7 dancers)

In each creation, Michele Merola aims higher, convinced that it is possible through dance to express joy, tenderness, anger, expectations, urges, torments. And it is in the musical works of the great composers that Merola loves to look for perspectives, symmetries, dissonances between human feelings and music. The choice of music by Antonio Vivaldi comes from this desire, for a new production where "the relationship between music and movement is the focus", says Merola. "With Vivaldi and baroque music I rediscover the love for pure choreographic design, while the inspiration I find in Marc Chagall's paintings - such as Birthday (1915), Over the Town (1918), Love on Stage (1920) - has guided my work towards human passions, the escape from everyday life, to inner emotions. In both artists, I find a great desire for life, beauty, elegance in living". Some of the Vivaldi's best known scores are present in Merola's choreography: the concerts for violin La Follia, L'Inquietudine, L'Estro Armonico, Il Favorito best express the feelings that mark human life. Faced with this supreme grace, these intensities of sound and richness of tones, Merola develops new choreographic paths. The choreographer visualizes those themes with a strongly contemporary intimate involvement, sculpting them in dance and in the air with the same passion and fury present in the music.