Production 2016, choreography by Enrico Morelli

Choreography: Enrico Morelli
Music: Igor Stravinskij
Costums: Nuvia Valestri
Light design: Cristina Spelti
Dancers: MMContemporary Dance Company (10 dancers)

On 29th of May 2013 Igor Stravinskij La Sacre du Printemps celebrated its centenary, and all the dance world reminded and solemnized this event. After the scandal aroused during the debut, with the 1st choreography's version, which took place in Paris by Vaslav Nijinsky for Ballets Russes of Diaghilev, the partition became really famous and recognisable at first beat. Mighty musical masterpiece, composed for an entire orchestra, Le Sacre is inspired by an old Slavic legend. According to the legendary tale, every spring, a virgin had to be ritually sacrificed, so that the land could flourish. The interpretation of Le Sacre read by the choreographer Enrico Morelli, approaches Stravinsky score respectfully. The result reflects the troubled dynamism of our times. A way to fight new and old fears and to exorcise the sorrow of living that we carry with us in our days. Enrico Morelli sets in a naked scene some mournful slaughterhouse hooks falling from the ceiling, emerging from the dark. They are a sort of symbol like swords of Damocle, another serious warning inviting us to look into our past, to the times of terror and death, when people were considered "numbers" with no identity, just bodies, robbed of all their dignity. So is the choreography meaning: until the day that human being will sacrifice his own similar to the blind violence of cannibalism, without choosing to respect each others, culture glare and plainness of reason will never take over. Authors or philosophers, like Plauto, Antonio Gramsci and Thomas Hobbes, from ever, and forever, they warn us, for them, each individual "will just think or desire bad wishes of others, just eliminate, delete whoever wants to be an obstacle to individual satisfaction of desires. Everyone will see his neighbour as an enemy, and will arise wars, of all against all, with no one right or wrong reason”. That's why the "human animal" is convicted to remain just Homo Homini Lupus.