Production 2020, choreography by Emanuele Soavi

 choreography, costumes and scenes: Emanuele Soavi
music: P.I. Tchaikovsky
lights: Cristina Spelti
costume creation: Nuvia Valestri
choreography assistant: Federico Casadei
performers: MM Contemporary Dance Company (9 dancers)

Swans is a work that, while inspired by the romantic version of the ballet by P.I. Ciaikovskij wants to be free from all his narrative traits, deliberately placing universal themes such as integration, diversity, transformation, acceptance of his own nature and understanding of the other at the center of choreographic research. In this abstract reinterpretation, the swan figure is changeable and in constant transformation.
A transformation that, captured in its intimacy, maintains, as in the tradition of ballet, the act of reproducing and rendering in a performance way the ability of the performers to be both birds and humans. Swans are portrayed as androgynous beings: it is the bodies in front of us that become the protagonists. Bodies that unfold, that act, that give themselves, sinuous and twisted, plastic and fragile, subtly discreet and delicate. Each of these beings tries to live together, to accept each other, to join in a "flock", but is also inclined to tell us their own individual story, to accept the fact of being different from the others, to reveal secret universes to us and to want to believe in dreams to achieve in the near future. Each of them has reasons, a living and feeling life, however worthy of respect, whatever its nature.
Between utopia and reality, poetry and rationality, the protagonists are therefore confronted with some of the main themes of our time. And choreographic writing conveys a precise vision, full of hope: seeing in the different a possibility of enrichment, not a threat, seeing in tolerance and respect a way to go, seeing in comparison, in acceptance of others and in integration a new dimension of life, in step with the true nature of man.

© Tiziano Ghidorsi
© Tiziano Ghidorsi
© Tiziano Ghidorsi
© Tiziano Ghidorsi