choreography: Enrico Morelli
music: Franz Schubert
light design: Cristina Spelti
dancers: MMContemporary Dance Company (9 dancers)

Enrico Morelli wanted to entrust his new work to Franz Shubert's extraordinary music: no one better than the Viennese composer has been able to interpret the contrasting feelings of love, tension, melancholy, regret, but also the hope. A collage of famous pieces by Schubert, extracted from real beauty masterpieces - composed two centuries ago, still amazes today for their great relevance - these are the soundtrack of this work devoted to the many souls of contemporary man, where love leaves the place to disilusionment, where separation leaves the place to sharing, where passion leaves the place to fear, and vice versa, in a going and coming between growing and decreasing, revealing entire universes and secret ties.
Morelli’s work has no pretension or descriptive ambitions. Choreography wants to be a tale of solitudes and similar souls in an era like ours, tired, pale, disenchanted, tormented by a malaise that breathes in the air, but also anxiously looking for a sense and a hope of happiness. It is a tale in which we focus especially on the moment of return, because happiness is a home where we can return, maybe changed, not caring about the accelerated speed of present that scare us, and future that maybe we're afraid to explore. The problem is not to arrive, but to come back. To learn each time to love again. To have courage to recognize themselves fragile, and generous in tenderness.