Choreography and costumes: Eugenio Scigliano

Music: Antonio Vivaldi

Light design: Cristina Spelti

Dancers: MMContemporary Dance Company (4 dancers)

The key to the work of Eugenio Scigliano's evening show “Vivaldi Works” is to be found in the concept of versatility, creating a new male piece using the cello pieces of the famous Venetian composer. It is intended to reflect on the world of immigrants, those forced to constantly move as they have no fixed place to stay, after first leaving their home. It deals with themes of losing one's roots, exile, travel, the search for a place to call home, the relationship with our borders and their closure.
Scigliano's work is emotive and abstract, developing through the dancers' movements a choreographic space where dimensions of solitude and other-ness are expressed simultaneously in tones of light and shade, hope and emptiness. The author gives us back a vision of immigration that is full of meanings, meanings of force, struggle and desire, all aimed towards a world of hope where the horizon seeks to represent an open space without borders. The result is a composition in which choreographic language gives voice to meaning, and reflects on the difficult situation of immigrants and its resonance in each of us.