Choreography, lights and costumes: Gustavo Ramirez Sansano
Music: Fryderyk Chopin
Scenary: Luis Crespo
Making of light design: Cristina Spelti
Making of costumes: Nuvia Valestri
Dancers: MMContemporary Dance Company (7 dancers)

Les Sylphides, new creation by Gustavo Ramirez Sansano for MM Contemporary Dance Company, is danced on the Fryderyk Chopin scores, the same used in 1907 by Michail Fokine at Mariinsky theatre in Saint Petersburgh for Chopiniana, renamed Les Sylphides (feminin spirits of wind and wood in the German mythology) for the European premiere in 1909 in Paris, for the first legendary season of Djaghilev Ballets Russes. Defined as a ballet concertante for its pure and abstract dance without characters and dramaturgy, it is a tiribute to the romantic ballet of the beginning of 1800 and to its delicate and ethereal creatures, taken in a dreamy dialogue to a poet.

Ramirez Sansano version repects the original ballet atmosphere but gives humanity to the Sylphides. There is a short dramaturgy and each dancer represents a character. The choreographer uses male and female dancers exchanging its roles and gender identities while the poet attention is drawn by the most important source of inspiration: love.

Ramirez Sansano goal is to re-focus this classical ballet on nowdays senses and times. Costumes and set are designed by Luis Crespo - with whom Ramirez Sansano collaborates since 20 years - and the body movements feel and interprete the music: they fly on the Chopin preludes, nocturnes and valzer in a journey between dream and reality.

“...a group of excellent dancers extremely versatile seen in Les Sylphides by spanish choreographer Gustavo Ramirez Sansano. The ballet concertante based on a romantic dream of Fokine, it is the occasion to show us some little human beings in white tunics struggling with the Poet in black fallen down from the top as from a tree. All are around him, catching him and trying to seduce him. Only the blonde syphide will get it and she will celebrate love with the Poet in a pas de deux full of affection and astonishment, danced in the fragmented and blunt Samsano style. But dream ends and the Poet wakes up alone under the tree”.

Sergio Trombetta, www.lastampa.it - 30th November 2016 

©Riccardo Panozzo
©Stefano Corrias
©Stefano Corrias