Rearrangement 2016, choreography by Michele Merola

Choreography: Michele Merola
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Geert Hendrix, Senking
Light design: Cristina Spelti
Costumes: Carlotta Montanari
Dancers: MMContemporary Dance Company (4 dancers)

This creation stages four entities, physics and spirituals at the same time. The feeling to be part ofa ritual, something arcane, a journey into the depth of our soul.
“In Michele Merola’s dance there is always a time where the human tension and the truth about feelings get exalted: dance brings out the aching sense of life. His dance goes straight to heart, shaped as knife, without intermissions and it breaks our self-confidence. La metà dell’ombra is the last leg of this path: it’s structured on human male bodies and it can be considered as a journey to
explore the mystery of the sacred in us. The choreography moves in a continuous tension between the sense of expiation, expressed with gestures lacerating, self-punitive, and the hope of redemption and the liberation of the body. There is a constant movement between atonement, punishment, hope and freedom. The feelings are mixed, opposed and drawn in a collective ritual ending. Each frame we see and each choral dance performed exalt the human presence. By those choices the choreographer gains a new dance language that conquered us with power and evocation. ”

Ermanno Romanelli - Dance News