concept: Michele Merola and Cristina Spelti
choreography: Michele Merola
music: George Gershwin, Stefano Corrias
light and set design: Cristina Spelti
dancers: MMContemporary Dance Company (10 dancers)

Starting from Gershwin’s best music tracks, and from the suggestions coming from the paintings of another great American artist of the 20 th century, Edward Hopper, Michele Merola created Gershwin Suite, using as soundtrack the most captivating pages of the author, such as, among others, Summertime and Rhapsody in Blue. The choreographer chooses Gershwin's music in its various facets, not only the most euphoric and brilliant pieces, but also the most romantic and intimate, sensual and seductive ones.
Some scenes are inspired by the connection between Gershwin's tracks and various paintings - like New York Movie, Soir Bleu, Summer in the City, People in the Sun - by Edward Hopper, a painter who, thanks to his realism, is considered an artist able to represent in a poetic and evocative way simple moments of life. "I was attracted" - says Merola - "from the painter's ability to construct atmospheres and nuances that reveal implications and secrets of the human condition. The scenes create characters and situations not determined, but open to different endings and solutions ". Inspired directly by the paintings of Hopper, we'll see intimate duet, solos, but also group scenes,
where the desire to live and redeem from daily life jumps out. The scene takes on the apparence of a film set, thanks to a scenography that changes continuously, and a choreography that touches more keys, thanks to the versatility of the choreographer.