Production 2021, choreography by Maguy Marin

choreography and soundtrack: Maguy Marin
choreography reassembled by Cathy Polo and Ennio Sammarco
costumes: Montserrat Casanova
lights: Pierre Colomer
repeater master: Enrico Morelli
performers: MM Contemporary Dance Company (2 dancers)
duration: 17 minutes
world premiere Compagnie Maguy Marin: 12 December 1986 - Angers
first performance with MM Contemporary Dance Company: 21 October 2020 - Social Theater of Trento

MM Contemporary Dance Company production
Coproduction of Duo D'Eden: I Teatri Foundation
With the support of Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara - Trento / Circuito Danza del
Trentino Alto Adige / Südtirol

"Two bodies, as naked, advance on stage, cling to each other and never leave each other. A man and a woman with bodies that attract and cling, joined to each other until they become indissoluble. She, a vine that coils, twists. He who holds it, holds it, supports it. There is something mythical about their dance, in this total fusion of two beings who become one in order not to separate anymore.
Eden is the original love, that of the times of innocence. There is also something raw and primitive in this duo. The image of the noises of waterfalls and storms that make up the sound of the dance.
Eden is a dance full of strength and beauty, perhaps due to what is naturally released by the movement of purity and by the precision of the gesture, by the almost plastic figures, by the power of the bodies. This is where the emotion arises. From this sobriety that reveals the essential. If love is a dance, it is definitely Eden. "

Yasmine Tigoe

The two MMCDC dancers interpret with style and mastery a piece of rare beauty, original, very difficult and complex. Simply a man and a woman, flesh-colored suits that highlight their nakedness, a wig with very long hair for her, clinging to each other for the duration of the song, with her continuous evolutions on his body. An Adam and Eve immersed in a path of sensuality, eros, defense, attack, in a world that is not so peaceful, safe and idyllic. A poetic and intense piece.

©Riccardo Panozzo
©Riccardo Panozzo