Production 2020, choreography by Thomas Noone

 choreography: Thomas Noone
music: Jim Pinchen
lights: Thomas Noone
costumes: Enrico Morelli
performers: MM Contemporary Dance Company (4 dancers)

“I love you so badly. I hope you suffer as much as I do ... "

Raw and dynamic, Brutal Love Poems explores the "wild" side that we hide within us and that is revealed only in the most intimate moments. Somehow this revelation, of our most primordial, terrible and brutal being, perhaps only ever appears before those who are closest to us, to the person we love.
An abstract, non-narrative work, in which the resonance of the movements echoes and combines to form a whole, trying to entertain, provoke and seduce.

© Tiziano Ghidorsi
© Tiziano Ghidorsi
© Tiziano Ghidorsi
© Tiziano Ghidorsi