Production 2015, choreography by Michele Merola

Choreography: Michele Merola
Music: Maurice Ravel, Stefano Corrias
Light design: Cristina Spelti
Costumes: Alessio Rosati in collaboration with Nuvia Valestri
Dancers: MMContemporary Dance Company (7 dancers)

Like a precise clockwork, Bolero (1928), is still today one of the reasons why the lucky score seems to be strongly linked to an evocation of sensuality.
Michele Merola creates a new version of Bolero, after a deep and long study with this obsessive and repetitive music, trying to fully understand its identity, reasons and functions until he gets the main interpretation: at the end of his studies path, the choreographer inspiration focus on the inexhaustible range of human relations, especially the ones related to couple relationship, in which we often note the mutual and irreconcilable distance between men and women, "the invisible wall" dividing their existence. So, as shades of dance are different as choreography declines the variety of moods that make our existence so "spicy". All human feelings are present in this choreography and Bolero score highlights them from the allusive opening drumbeats to the final orchestra "explosion". Dance conveys to a sort of abstract "bitter tale", allegory of the pain for living and misunderstandings between humans. That's how Bolero become a metaphor of our life always half away between conflict and dialogue, seduction and disappointment, surprise and bewilderment.