Artistic Direction

Michele Merola Is the artistic director of MM Contemporary Dance Company. He is a guest lecturer on many professional courses and in a number of dance companies some of them being: Course on professional improvement for dancers, supported by National Dance Foundation – Aterballetto (Reggio Emilia 2003-2005), Course on improvement for professional actors “Body and movement” (Il Corpo e il Gesto, Modena 2003-2005), Aterballetto Company. Jenuary 2015 he created for MMContemporary Dance Company BOLERO Jenuary 2013 he created for MM Contemporary Dance Company "CINQUE CANTI" in collaboration with: Mats Ek, Karl Alfred Schreiner, Enrico Morelli, Emanuele Soavi. March 2012 he created for MM Contemporary Dance Company "Narciso". May 2010 his company won the Danza&Danza’s price as a best dance company emerging. October 2010 won the prize "Anita Bucchi" as a Best choreography 2010 with "La Metà dell'Ombra". October 2010 he was invited with his company to the SiDANCE in Seoul (South Korea) with the first rappresentation of “Con le labbra dipinte”. July 2009 he created a choreography inspired to the Rudolf Nureyev’s life entitled “Voglio essere libero”. April 2009 he created for the junior Balletto di Toscana “Caso-mai”. May 2008 he created for the Red Festival in Reggio Emilia wich is Fotografia Europea 2008, “Album di famiglia” and in September he received the first prize Positano Leonide Massine. February 2008 he created a choreography in collaboration with Luciano Cannito “I have a dream” at the theatre Massimo of Palermo. The dancers was: Carla Fracci, Luciana Savignano, Giuseppe Picone, Alessio Carbone, Sabrina Brazzo, Rossella Brescia. May 2007 he create for the Red Festival in Reggio Emilia “Kasina 35” and in September 2007 he is awarded from the Serbian State the prize as best choreographer. March 2007 he made a new creation for the theatre of Belgrade “La Capinera” inspirated to Verga’s novella that won the price as the best performance in to the Festival Purgatorije Tivat 2007. February 2007 the Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre invited him for a new creation for the company “With painted lips”. In 2006 he is art director and choreographer of the RED Festival festival and then he organizes a segment called Lounge. May 2006 he is awarded with Il Premio Città di Spoleto, for his choreography for “La Metà dell’Ombra”. In 2005 he participates at RED Festival again with O Desjo. May 2004, for RED Festival Merola installs a play “Nothing New” (Niente di nuovo). September 2004 as the only Italian choreographer, he i2s invited to participate in a manifestation dedicated to young artist Uno Uno Prima" (art director Giuseppe Bertolucci) with his performance "OreMedie". February 2003 he set up a choreography for theater play "Fuoco" (Fire), directed by Franco Brambilla. September 2003 Elisabetta Terabust orders to him an original pas des deux for Roberta de Intinis and Domenico Luciano, ballet aces of Naples’San Carlo Theater and winners of Premio Positano award for 2003. June 2003, he made his debut in Naples San Carlo Theater, with choreography for opera “Adriana Lecouvrerur” (directed by Lorenzo Mariani). In 2003 win at the 17th international Choreographersì’Contest in Hannover with “Mattanza”. January 2001, he creates for Aterballetto a piece “Today I thought of you” (Oggi t’ho pensato). October 2000 Michele Merola assists Mauro Bigonzetti in working on choreography Jerusalem opera, directed by Ermanno Olmi.